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Cobra Combat Fight Team

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The Cobra Combat Fight Team is our program designed to prepare our fighters for Local, Regional, National & International tournament point fighting competition. Grand Master Mc Grath and Master Russo both have numerous titles at every tournament level, most notably Ed Parker's Internationals in Long Beach, California, Festival of the Kings, Maui, Hawaii and Mexico Internationals in Tijuana, Mexico. Both Grand Master Mc Grath and Master Russo were also rated as the #1 under black belt tournament fighters by NASKA [North American Sport Karate Association] as well as by the SCKL [Southern California Karate League]. Their team mates and student fighters on their fight teams 'Regulators' and 'Lost Boys' dominated the tournament circuit. Through their over 30 years of tournament fighting, they have developed the skills required to succeed at every level of tournament point fighting as well as 'real-world' street fighting and they are passing on that knowledge and experience to their fighters. The Cobra Combat Fight Team is open to all Limitless Karate students [at the Instructors discretion] whom desire to participate as a tournament fighter. For those students that do not desire to fight at this level, we encourage all of our students to attend the tournaments and support their fellow martial artists in their quest for success and excellence. Our sparring class [days and times available in the schedule section of this website] is designed to teach our students the skills, both physical & mental, that will have them succeed on the tournament point fighting circuit. Join us!

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